make every day a pilates day!

Today I woke up (earlier than has been usual – I’ve been staying up REALLY late), wrote in my journal (my REAL journal, not online stuff), and did PILATES! Yes yes YES!

Any day that starts with Pilates is a success, dammit! I used to be much more regular with the Pilates when Lisa and I were neighbors and we could start every day the Pilates way… *sigh* now I have to self-motivate. I think my impending Modern Dance class is quite the motivation! Yee-haw.

THEN… I canceled my cable (hooray!) which made sense, seeing as Patrick and I stopped watching television 2 months ago, and went by The 1 Second Film office to drop off some tapes from the Road to Oprah tour and our bomb-ass fund-raiser at Mr T’s Bowl with 8-Bit and saw some awesome new videos that they are working on, went to Target and bought an actual HOME PHONE (which is going to be ye ‘ol “business line” for the Evangenitals central office) which will hopefully reduce my exposure to tumor-causing cell-phone radio micro-waves.

THEN… my friend and frequent actor in the theater I create Shaughn Buchholz came and picked me up and we went off to PCC to see Patrick’s play. Post-play, one of the gals in the cast, who happened to be a huge fan of the show “Scrubs” (that Shaughn had the recurring role of ‘Jason “Cabbage” Cabbaggio’ on for a bit) and happened to be a HUGE fan of Shaughn’s character, came out to have her picture taken with him, which was awesome. I love those moments of excitement and joy, on both sides. As Shaughn pointed out, actors spend most of their time auditioning for parts that they DON’T get, so to have someone get real excited about the work that you DID do is pretty nice.

Now we’re going to get down with some “Glengarry Glen Ross“. Awww, yeah.

FYI: Patrick’s play closes tomorrow night, so if anyone lives in the LA-area and wants to check it out, there’s a matinee at 2pm and I’ll be at the 8pm show.



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