today was an underpants day…

Today I did something I hardly ever do… I wore underwear. Why, you ask? Well…

I was having a theater-filled day with my main squeeze Patrick to celebrate the closing of the play (that he was starring in, that’s right!) and one of the stops on our tour of Los Angeles theatrical offerings – right after seeing Del Arte’s production “The Golden State” at the 24th Street Theater was the smash-hit sensation “Point Break Live” going down on weekends at Charlie O’s Bar at the Alexandria Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on Spring Street. Aww yeah…

Now, if you don’t know already… Point Break Live is a live theatrical version of the awesome classic movie “Point Break” in which the Keanu Reeves character is picked from the audience. I had been invited to the show by friends involved with the production (Bill and his wife Anne – who’s sister is the producer of the show) so I was real excited to go. My friend Shaughn Buchholz had recently gone and gotten picked to play the lead role of Johnny Utah, so I had a general idea of what we were in for.

So, the underwear. The underwear was for the rare chance that I got up the nerve to “audition” for the role of Johnny Utah AND was the audience favorite AND got picked by the director to play the part. If all of that HAPPENED to happen, then I would need to be able to do costume changes backstage… thus, the underwear.

As for why I never wear underwear… that is for another blog post.

As luck would have it… I *DID* muster to courage to audition for the role, and much to my surprise, I got it. That’s right folks. For a few hours tonight, my name was Johnny Utah. I had to wear a wet suit, was soaked, smacked, fondled, tackled, squirted, and otherwise abused much to the delight of the crowd. I did exactly as I was told and delivered a most monotone and deadpan performance, only speaking what was on the cue cards, and only moving when told to move. I got to hang from the ceiling in a harness, chase a man through the streets with a gun, yell a lot, and learned to surf in the mix. It was exhausting and awesome.

I highly recommend the show. Tobias Jelinek, who plays Bodhi (the Patrick Swayze character) and Jennifer Jean who plays Tyler/the Lori Petty character (and studied improv at Second City AND we’ve had the same teacher – Scot Robinson of The Lampshades) were friggin’ inspired. And Christi Waldon who was my personal PA and helped me survive the whole show was absolutely adorable. I will be eternally grateful and in awe of her energy.

Great cast, great concept, a great friggin’ time at the theater. Thumbs up, yo! What’s more… I got the whole thing on tape! Woo-hoo!

All in all, today was a very good day. I’m exhausted, I’m inspired, I’ve got fake blood in my hair. It’s a wonderful life indeed.


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