The deep blue sea and me…

I just finished watching a BBC documentary about the Ocean called “The Blue Planet“.  It’s friggin’ incredible.  This segment was on the “Open Ocean” — sharks and dolphins and all kinds of other hunters and predators out there in the seeming wasteland that is the open ocean.  I saw bigger schools of sharks than I’ve ever seen on film before and seabirds that were sounding to depths of more than 15 meters.  Absolutely incredible.  Watching stuff like that always makes me really happy that I’m a vegan now. 🙂

I’m really stoked to get back to watching Patrick’s “Prehistoric Beasts” DVD’s that he brought.  That series (also by the jolly ‘ol BBC) is friggin’ incredible as well.  So much good stuff to watch and learn!

We had our first improv practice today for our newly formed super-group “Hammerspace” that is going to be performing at the iO WEST on March 8th at 11:30pm in the Andy Dick Experimental Black Box.  Save the date!  Or don’t… cuz I’m sure to be reminding everyone with ears when the time grown nearer.  That show is about a week before Lisa and I go to SXSW, and I hear there’s a chance that Joey Ninja of Ninja Academy might be coming along to play with us, which would be ludicrous.

Practice was really good for a first practice, even though Patrick and I both felt super-stiff and utterly bland.  Ah well, that’s what improv class is for, and I’ve got mine tomorrow night!  I’m also starting a NEW (additional) improv class at PCC next week, and I’m pretty excited to be going back to a campus.  Yay for school libraries!  We’re also hoping to take advantage of some of the open rehearsal space there for both improv practice and the History of Water piece.  Yay for resourcefulness and low-budget living!

My student loan money finally came in today, so I was able to do really important stuff like pay my rent… FINALLY!  Tomorrow I am in desperate need of a smog check, as my registration tags are expired and I’ve already racked up TWO “fix it” tickets that have to be settled by the end of the week.  Aye!  I hope I pass.  Also on the list of things to do is tune-ups for our bikes and buying student metro passes, right after I pick up my student ID, so I can stop driving that dang car anyhow and start riding bikes and taking the train as many places as possible.  Hooray!

I stopped by Evangenitals drummer George Bernardo’s place today and got to visit for a bit.  There are some exciting developments on the horizon… such as a music video we’re planning with Den and Nika Serras of Matterworks and some new recordings of tunes from the Road to Oprah tour to accompany the HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF VIDEO that has been shot.

There’s a chance that I may start performing with the Johnny Cash tribute band Cash’d Out, whom Georgie has been drumming with, filling in as their June Carter for the LA & OC region.  This, of course, would be like wet dream #4 come true for me, so I’m pretty friggin’ excited at the prospect.  I’m currently working on learning the parts for 30+ Johnny Cash, Carter Family, and June Carter tunes, and I’ve almost got them all down.  Some day soon, if lady luck shall shine upon me, I will be up there crooning them oldies with probably the greatest Johnny Cash tribute band there is.  Glory be!

And to top it all of, I’m writing new songs, reading new books, and working on telling the world about The 1 Second Film.  Amen.


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