Been a long time been a long time been a long…

I just took a bath with Epsom salts in it and I fear it is not going to be enough to prevent my body from going into muscular shock in the morning. It has been a while since I’ve been in a dance class. 🙂

Lately I’ve been thinking about video blogging, ala iJustine, because it seems easier to turn on the camera and talk about my day rather than type it out… however, I look like hell right now so I’m glad to be writing this (I’m invisible!). It seems the first week of my adventures in Community College caused me to break out like I’m in high school again. It’s wonderfully humbling.

Today I had to dress in leotard, tights, leg warmers – the whole 9 yards – for Modern Dance and Choreography classes. Truth be told, it is a kind of fashion that I have secretly wished to participate in since I was a child. Leg warmers and “shrugs“, half shirts over leotards with the tights on the outside pulled up real high and some short-shorts over the black tights. Walking with feet turned out and pelvis WIDE OPEN through the campus…. it’s pretty ridiculously fun. I woke up terrified to go to school, but ended up in the library after class making copies in my thigh-high leg warmers. FREEDOM FROM FEAR!

My mother, as always, is incredibly supportive of my sudden and profound return to focusing on performance. God bless that woman. She’s been doing a lot of Kayaking in Florida, drifting around and seeing manatee’s up close and personal. I love it. There are rumors that one of her books (Tangerine) may get made into a movie. Things are in progress, moving and shaking… we shall see. It would be amazing if it all happened. Especially if it happened SOON! 🙂

Tomorrow — Voice, Movement, Mime, and Musical Theater. I am hereby immersing myself in every art form that I mocked and ridiculed as an arrogant artsy undergrad. Glory be.


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