I am busy as hell… and I’ve brought it on myself! I have an appetite for more more more and I am certainly getting my fill.

Technically, I’m a full time student working on my PhD dissertation for The European Graduate Shcool. On top of that, I’ve recently started being an “almost” full time student at PCC, taking 11 credits of performance classes including Choreography, Modern Dance, Voice & Movement, Mime, Musical Theater, and Improv. On top of THAT… I’m enrolled in the improv training program at iO WEST and I start Level 4 on Thursday, which includes student shows in addition to classes every other Sunday. Oh yeah, and my Improv group Hammerspace starts performing shows on Saturday night. On top of THAT… I’m creating a new theater piece for the 24th Street Theater in my “spare time” about the History of Water.

And in the midst of all that, Lisa Dee and I are heading down to Austin for an Evangenitals gig on the fringe of the SXSW madness on March 16th at Thunderbird Coffee along with Timothy Sellers from Artichoke and Henry Bermudez from Unpopable.

With the artistic life in overdrive, I can’t seem to find any time to WORK! Hopefully my big ‘ol Evangenitals Radio Play Push will pay off soon and we’ll start selling a bunch of albums.

There’s been a few interesting new developments that I’m excited about, such as, over on Last.fm, enough folks have listened to Evangenitals tunes to merit our own station. That’s right, you can just type in “Evangenitals” and they’ll play you an awesome station of related muzak. I’ve been especially enjoying listening to our tunes up against “Iron & Wine” and “Bonnie “Prince” Billy“… good stuff and an honor to be played in their fine company.

If you’re not down with Last.fm yet, I highly recommend downloading the player. It’s free custom radio, folks!

And finally… George Bernardo is Awesome. Need Proof? Watch this:


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