Cash’d Out

Life is full. Full full full. Almost done moving into my new place, the car broke down (but I’ve got a big tax return coming in that will pay for it!), LOTS of rehearsals for plays and gigs and music and improv…. and now, on Monday I’m going to be driving down to San Diego with Georgie to audition to be the June Carter for the best-ever Johnny Cash cover band “Cash’d Out“. Anyone that knows me seems to think that this is the “day job” I was BORN to have… it’s only a question of me not freaking out and dazzlin’ them in the audition. Heck, it would be awesome to be in ANOTHER band with George Bernardo, that’s for sure. 🙂

Before that big day, though, I’ve got two shows in one night (Friday the 28th) — Artichoke at La Casa Blue (9:30pm) and Hammerspace (my Improv team) at iO WEST (Andy Dick Experimental Black Box at 11pm)– to get through. It’s a lot, and I’m loving it.

Saturday and Sunday we have to officially finish moving, clean out the old apartment (throw a couple of rehearsals and a class show for our Improv class on Sunday) and turn in the keys Monday morning. Then, at around 1pm I’m jumping in a car with Georgie to head down to San Diego… and DESTINY! In the meantime, I’ve got all my Johnny and June tunes on repeat play and I’m getting ready for greatness.

Say a prayer for me. 🙂

– Juli


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