This is a Tribute

I’m whupped. I missed Improv class at PCC today to work on the History of Water play that I’m writing/directing… it shows on May 10th at the 24th Street Theater and it’s really coming together nicely. We had a 4 hour rehearsal today, from 4-8pm, which featured my favorite food “Falaquitos” – an original creation by Patrick Ian Moore, my lover and boyfriend, who combined falafel, black beans, corn, carrots, black olives, cashews, sunflower seeds, avocado, seasonings, and probably some more stuff I’m forgetting into a delicious filling for a white corn tortilla-wrapped taquito grilled in olive oil. I think Lisa Dee ate 6 of ‘em! They are AMAZING.

Post-rehearsal Patrick, Lisa and I headed over to the San Gabriel street fair to catch Evangenitals drummer George Bernardo playing in yet ANOTHER tribute band, “Proud Mary” – a Tina Turner tribute, for his 9 o’clock set. He finished just in time to run over to his Cash’d Out gig at LIFE on Wilshire. Unfortunately, I wasn’t singing with Cash’d Out tonight… their original June, Ginger Rees, was able to make it all the way up from San Diego to do the show. (She gets first pick of the shows she can make… and that’s alright. 🙂 See! I know how to share!). I saw Ginger singing with Cash’d Out the first time I saw Georgie playing with them at the San Diego Fair on the 4th of July. Ironically, I was soooooo envious of what an awesome gig it would be to sing the June Carter parts in the greatest Johnny Cash tribute band ever (she did a great job, too) and alas, now I get to have a shot at it! Wonder of wonders, the beauty of this world is ceaseless.

I *do* get to sing with Cash’d Out tomorrow night (which is now tonight, because it is late) Saturday April 26th, at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Cash’d Out is opening for Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine and it should be a super-good night of music. It will be nice when I get to play a show with them in LA, though, so my nearer and dearer can come check me out in my dresses and heels. It’s a crazy sight!

After tomorrow’s Cash’d Out gig I have a bit of a break from shows of the musical and improvised variety in order to focus on getting the play ready for it’s big day on May 10th. Right after that, however, it is full steam ahead with upcoming Hammerspace, Cash’d Out, Artichoke, and Evangenitals shows.

In randomly personal other news, my old boxing trainer Dub Huntley would be so proud of me right now… I currently am walking around at my old fight weight! NEVER did I do that back when I was boxing! I was always walking around about 10 lbs (at least!) heavier than weigh-in. Patrick and I started this experiment with portion control and the results have been crazy… we just keep losing weight. It’s totally weird and awesome. Next step, build lean muscle! So we’ve been lifting weights, doing pull-ups, and we ordered a pair of vegan focus mitts and I’m going to teach him some basic punches. I think I’m finally sane enough to be able to do boxing exercises for fun without starting to plot my comeback. ☺

Date night Doldrums? How about some Johnny Cash!

Hey there.

This blog entry is intended to simultaneously inform/invite/intrigue you with the news of my newest career move — oh yes, I’m up to MORE excitement! I’d like to share the good news with you.

On Saturday night (4/26) I’m going to be performing at the House of Blues in Anaheim with “Cash’d Out” ( the only Johnny Cash tribute band to be endorsed by the Cash family. I’m singing the June Carter parts, and I’ll be wearing a dress. This will be my 3rd show with Cash’d Out this week, and I’ve been having a BLAST! It’s VERY different from my Evangenitals antics, that’s for sure.

Just in case you were wracking your brain in search of an adventure, a road trip, and a good date destination for this weekend, I thought I’d let you know! 🙂

Here’s a link to more info about this show:

There are more gigs to come for sure, and if you’re interested in coming to a future show closer to LA, let me know and I’ll keep you posted!

Much love,

My Cash’d Out Debut

Last night I had my debut performance with the world’s premier Johnny Cash tribute band “Cash’d Out” in front of a sold out crowd at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA. It was an amazing night, and an amazing experience to have the opportunity to play with such an incredible band and be a part of such a great show. The crowd was fantastic — excited, supportive, and totally into it. They welcomed me to the stage with big ‘ol cheers and really seemed responsive to what I was giving them. I loved it. I even had a posse of girls screaming that they loved my shoes… which was awesome. Especially since I got them at Target! Woo-hoo!

Before this gig, I was only able to have ONE rehearsal with the band. Other than that, I have obsessively been listening to Johnny Cash/June Carter and Carter Family tunes almost constantly trying to learn all the words, harmonies, and nuances of the real deal. At night Patrick and I walk the dog and I wear my iPod and sing all the June Carter parts like some crazy person with a bad case of the Johnny Cash Tourette’s. I feel for the folks whose apartments we walk by every night, as they get a 1am surprise performance out their window.

At home I’m learning to play a bunch of the Carter Family stuff on guitar and it would be super awesome if we ended up working that into the Cash’d Out stage show somewhere down the line. While I may have played it a little coy last night on stage (out of first gig nervousness and respectfully not wanting to overstep my bounds first show out the gate) I’m very much looking forward to how my role in the band might grow and develop as I do more gigs and more songs under my belt and get more comfortable with the group and finding my place in it.

All in all, it was awesome. It’s awesome being in another band with George Bernardo. It’s awesome being in a band where I wear a dress and curl my hair. It’s awesome singing classic Cash & Carter family tunes to shrieking crowds of totally into it fans. It’s awesome. I am blessed, blessed, blessed!

Next show is at UCSD and it’s already sold out, and then there’s the House of Blues in Anaheim on Saturday night. I’m stoked to get to play that stage!

I can’t wait till I get to do a show closer to Los Angeles so that my friends and curious Evangenitals fans could come check it out. It’s definitely one hell of a show!

– Juli

3 Shows, 1 Night, Take Your Pick!

There are exciting things going on in Evangenital-land, and a LOT of them. This weekend is a Nexus of sorts, with 3 shows happening on one night – none of them Evangenitals shows – yet all of them Evangenital-related! Let me explain…

Evangenitals lead singer Juli Crockett (that’s me!) has just landed a new gig singing the June Carter Cash parts in the greatest Johnny Cash tribute band ever – Cash’d Out. ( Evangenitals drummer George Bernardo has been drumming with them for the past year, and this Saturday night – April 19th at 11pm – I will having my debut performance with Cash’d Out at the “Belly Up” in Solana Beach, CA. If you happen to be in that part of town, I would LOVE to have some friendly faces in the crowd cheering me on!

At the SAME TIME that night, Evangenitals crooner Lisa Dee will be joining our seemingly joined-at-the-hip buddy band ARTICHOKE ( at MOLLY MALONES for a sure-to-be-awesome show of bumble bee-filled joy. So if you’re in THAT part of town, I highly recommend it. (If I weren’t singing with Cash’d Out that night, I’d be performing with Artichoke too!)
AND… down at the iO WEST on Hollywood Blvd, Evangenitals flier artist and videographer Patrick Ian Moore will be performing long-form improv with HAMMERSPACE ( – a group that I, Juli Crockett, am normally a part of, yet I simply can’t be in three places at once at 11pm on April 19th! Not yet, anyhow! So… if you like to laugh and happen to be in THAT part of town, GO SEE HAMMERSPACE! IT’S FREE!

And if none of this works for you, fear not! The Evangenitals (yes, the REAL band) are playing on April 21st at the Verity Room in Canoga Park… and we would love to see you there. Details on that show are here:

So, here’s the summary for Saturday April 19th, all at 11pm:

Evangenital Juli as June Carter with Georgie on drums in Cash’d Out:
Belly Up Tavern
143 S. Cedros Ave
Solana Beach, California 92075

Evangenital Lisa Dee with Artichoke:
Molly Malones
575 South Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Evangenital-artist Patrick at iO WEST with HAMMERSPACE:
iO WEST’s Andy Dick Theater
6366 Hollywood Blvd (entrance on Cosmo)
Between Ivar and Cahuenga, on Cosmo

That’s the news! Hope to see your smiling face soon!

Juli of the Genitals

Official Site:
On Myspace:

good tired

I’m exhausted from running about! Today I woke up in San Gabriel, walked dogs in Mount Washington, went to choreography & modern dance class in Pasadena, dropped Patrick off back in San Gabriel so he could walk OUR dog, recorded some tracks for Artichoke in Highland Park, ran back to San Gabriel to print scripts and pick up Patrick for rehearsal, and then went to a History of Water rehearsal in Silverlake. Yee-haw! After that, it was over to Rosemead to buy a full-length mirror at Target, and home to San Gabriel, where we ate some vegan cake and took the dog on another 2 mile walk wearing ankle weights. Then I strapped on the headphones and practiced Johnny Cash songs on the electric guitar for my upcoming gig with Cash’d Out. Now I’m making tea. It is bedtime.

Tomorrow the forecast is very much the same, as I’ve got lunch dates, more recording, 2 band practices (evangenitals and artichoke), a drummer (with drums!) to transport, and all of the scheduling intricacies of being part of a one-car, low-carbon-footprint family to work into it all. I love it.

Tonight we Improvise!

Hey y’all

My improv group HAMMERSPACE (which consists of myself, Patrick Ian Moore, Robin Reiser, and Shaughn Buchholz) is performing TONIGHT in the iO WEST’s Andy Dick Experimental Black Box Theater at 8pm.

It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s a great opportunity to watch us perform terrifying feats of making shizzz up and trying not to panic.  Weeee!

The iO WEST is located at:
6366 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
between Ivan and Cahuenga, corner of Cosmo and Hollywood Blvd

The entrance to the Andy Dick Black Box is on the Cosmo side of the building.

Come and get it!