when in doubt, improvise!

I wanted to let any of you out there in cyberspace who may care know about two COMPLETELY IMPROVISED and totally FREE shows that I’m going to be in THIS WEEKEND at the iO WEST’s Andy Dick Experimental Black Box Theater.

Yes, someone named a theater after Andy Dick

1) Friday May 23rd at 11pm (following Heather & Miles at 10pm, who are incredible and I highly recommend seeing them)

2) Saturday May 24th at 8:30pm (following Laurel Coppock’s “Breakdown City” at 8pm, which I can’t recommend highly enough!)

I will be performing with my improv group HAMMERSPACE (www.myspace.com/hammerspace_improv).

These shows are all-ages, totally free, completely improvised, and really go a lot better and are more fun (and funny) when there’s a good crowd… so it would be awesome if you could make it and see me wrestle with my new creative obsession — LONG-FORM IMPROV!

Here’s the details:
5/23: 11pm
5/24: 8:30pm
iO WEST – Andy Dick Theater (*note: this is not the mainstage, the entrance to the Andy Dick is on COSMO)
6366 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028



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