it never fails to make me feel insanely grateful when folks come out and show up for an Evangenitals show — or any friggin’ show for that matter!

there was so much good love in the room tonight, and so many people that I really care about. i was so glad, specifically, that albert and laura and robin and greg and nirvan and levi and patrick and dennis and david and andrea and nick and christine were all there to hear the new evangenitals tunes, and soooooo friggin’ happy that they all seemed to like them so much. it seems “i’m sad” is the new unassuming hit song. you can look forward to hearing more of that at upcoming shows — somewhere in the middle, right before we start rockin’ to the end.

i’ve been thinking of opening sets with “bad town” lately, just to kick the barn doors open and establish ourselves clearly. WE ARE HERE! we used to start all the sets off slow and easy and work our way up to the shit-kickin’, but i’m thinking it may be best if we just cut to the chase and squeeze the slow in the middle somewhere. i’m really enjoying playing with henry bermudez and david hurlin… they bring such great energy and enormous talent to everything they touch. it’s an honor and a privilege to share the stage with them, and ESPECIALLY to have them playing with tunes that i wrote. ridiculous.

i wish we could have played more songs tonight… the show was running late, though, and i had promised to play the new stuff. i had really wanted to do “it takes a long time” for nirvan and levi, and the new version of “the hole” — klezmer style. ah, well. that’s what future shows are for, i suppose. as for now, i need sleep. i’ve got a long drive to Bakerfield in the a.m. with the Cash’d Out boys where we’ll be playing some sort of a “soccer fundraiser” event… With all of Cash’d Out piling into one automobile, i am actually looking forward to the drive. 🙂

Loving you, through it all,
Reverend Juli of the Evangenitals


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