I’m having a quiet day today. Talking is one of the worst things for the singing voice, I hear, so I’ve been resting my throat all day, as much as possible, with silence.

Communication continues via my newest addictions: Twitter and text messaging. I just upgraded to “unlimited text messaging” with AT&T so that I don’t get screwed with charges. I have no idea how many texts I’ve sent this month, but I’m sure it’s a lot. Hundreds and hundreds. I’ve got my Twitter hooked up with my phone now, both to post and to read other people’s posts IMMEDIATELY via my cellphone.

The Twitter thing really took off for me during my last mini-tour with Cash’d Out. Suddenly I was plugged in and wanted to share all of the random, mundane, bizarre, whatever occurrences, thoughts, and goings ons of my travels with my “followers”… it’s twisted, it’s weird to me, and I’m having a really good time exploring this new realm of openness and banality.

The urge to Twitter is becoming automatic and reactionary. Yesterday, while stopping for a pee break while the Evangenitals were busking with the Collaboration Foundation on The 1 Second Film’s Road to Oprah bus, I went in for the wipe prematurely and surprised myself by peeing on my hand. Immediately I wanted to Twitter, “Accidentally peed on my hand!” I thought better of it, though, and figured I’d keep that intimate accident to myself. Today, however, I had second thoughts. If I’m really going to give over to the Twitter phenomena for the time being, methinks I should truly GIVE OVER to it. I am reminded of David Hurlin’s wife’s first Twitter: “about to take my good morning dump” and am encouraged to be more honest about what’s REALLY happening.

And what is really happening? That’s is the question! I am having heavy philosophical/spiritually driven thoughts about my true nature and purpose lately. I am asking the universe what my purpose is and waiting for the answer.

In real-time, I am sitting on a porch watching my African Leopard Tortoise “Mr Turtle” just BE in tortoise-time. Right now he is struggling to crawl over a brick wall and his short legs are kicking in the air as his heavy shell teeters in the balance. He won’t give up until he is over the wall. Eventually he gets his big ‘ol shell on top of the wall, peers over the drop, and simply plummets to the ground on the other side. It is not graceful. There is much struggle. He really seems to enjoy it. No matter how many times I put him behind the brick wall, he keeps working at it until he can find a way over it. Free to explore the yard, to bask in the sun, to hide under a bush, to make a run for it down the driveway, to eat the clover, to stretch his legs.

It is a simple thing that makes me enormously happy, watching Mr Turtle the Tortoise walking around finding little things in the yard to eat. Tiny pink tongue visible between chomps from his sharp beak.

Right NOW he’s making a run for it down the driveway toward the street. Must put him back behind the wall. Second verse, same as the first. 🙂


A Perfect World

All day long I’ve been thinking about the feeling of getting a tattoo, and how much I miss it. It probably has something to do with the fact that my mom is coming to visit, and both of the tattoos I’ve gotten so far were:

a) a day that my mom left town, right after dropping her off at the airport, and
b) while my mom was visiting, in my kitchen, and she even helped draw the tattoo! 🙂

The next tattoo that I want to get, methinks, is a series of bubbles going up the spine, from out of the sea grass, which is sprouting from the seed at the base. My love of bubbles knows no bounds.

Last night at the Evangenitals show at Tre Stage audience members blew bubbles during Quee Queg. Words cannot describe the beauty and happiness I feel watching bubbles waft by, illuminated by the lights, during that song. It is a slice of heavenly heaven on the heaven that is earth, every time.

In other news…

This is an old piece of writing from my ‘ol play [or, the whale] that has been on my mind tonight, due to the bubble theme of the past 24 hours. I hope you enjoy it.

In the final moment,
when the day is done,
when the captain becomes one,
when it’s all complete,
and he turns into himself,
he turns into himself,
that is to say,
in the end,
a perfect moment,
pure light,
a clean world,
a complete man,
a floating globe,
a temporary eternity,
the starting point,
beginning of all geometry,
such a clean world,
even if it only lasts for a second,
’tis long enough,
for mine eyes have seen,
at the perfect moment,
a point of light,
on the horizon,
a clean world,
completely transparent,
as is everything,
as is it all,
alter of other,
either or whether,
before or before,
sink or swim,
to burst inward,
to undergo violent compression,
to collapse inward
as if from external pressure,
the act or action
of bringing to
as if to
a center;

And in the final moment,
all you are is all you were,
you remember.
And memory is nothing but air,
and all you are.

(Copywright 2001, excerpted from [or, the whale] by Juli Crockett)

It’s a GIRL!

I recently went on a Colorado mini-tour with Cash’d Out, the world’s premier Johnny Cash tribute band, in which I count myself blessed to be singing the June Carter parts. It was in Veil, Colorado, our 3rd show on the trip that I realized upon the dance floor that I was completely in love with this job, this band, and this whole adventure/experience in music that I’m having.

Prior to the show, we were all sitting around having dinner and geeking out over an article/interview that had come out in the paper that day about Cash’d Out and our appearance in town. It was the first time my name had appeared in print in association with the band (albeit misspelled) and the whole thing was pretty exciting.

I just found the article online, and figured I’d share it with y’all. Follow this link:
Johnny Cash Tribute Band –

Hopefully you’ll be able to come and see me in action in this new gig. It’s really something else, very different from the Evangenitals; in Cash’d Out I wear dresses and heels and makeup and curl my hair and pretty much sound the profound depths of my inner girlishness.

Much to my surprise, it turns out I’m quite a lady and am having the time of my life letting my femme flag fly. 🙂


Celebrate the Eve of Independence with the Evangenitals

The Evangenitals have just been called upon to fill in on a fun-filled bill of musical mayhem tomorrow night – Thursday July 3rd – at THE SCENE in Glendale.

The Scene
806 E Colorado
Glendale, CA

We will be going on at 11pm sharp and playing a dynamic set of highs and lows in an effort to represent in musical form the vast terrain of the human soul, constantly craving the open independence of her cosmic sea while clinging to the safety of her earthy shores. Ah, paradoxus!

For our out of town friends, please check out the new look of our website and let us know what you think:

Also, if you haven’t become a Facebook Fan of the Evangenitals yet, please do… it makes us look good to our potential corporate sponsors:

And lastly, I’m now addicted to Twitter. If you know what that means, follow me! If you don’t, check this out: (Evangenitals percussionist David Hurlin is on there too: 🙂

For those of you in the LA area…

Let’s party in Glendale!

Music starts at 9pm with TPFI, Victim Vision, and Nibiru 10 with DJ’s thrown in! And the Evangenitals at 11pm!

Juli & the Evangenitals

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