Celebrate the Eve of Independence with the Evangenitals

The Evangenitals have just been called upon to fill in on a fun-filled bill of musical mayhem tomorrow night – Thursday July 3rd – at THE SCENE in Glendale.

The Scene
806 E Colorado
Glendale, CA

We will be going on at 11pm sharp and playing a dynamic set of highs and lows in an effort to represent in musical form the vast terrain of the human soul, constantly craving the open independence of her cosmic sea while clinging to the safety of her earthy shores. Ah, paradoxus!

For our out of town friends, please check out the new look of our website and let us know what you think:

Also, if you haven’t become a Facebook Fan of the Evangenitals yet, please do… it makes us look good to our potential corporate sponsors:

And lastly, I’m now addicted to Twitter. If you know what that means, follow me! If you don’t, check this out:
http://twitter.com/evangenitals (Evangenitals percussionist David Hurlin is on there too: http://twitter.com/davidhurlin) 🙂

For those of you in the LA area…

Let’s party in Glendale!

Music starts at 9pm with TPFI, Victim Vision, and Nibiru 10 with DJ’s thrown in! And the Evangenitals at 11pm!

Juli & the Evangenitals

Official Site: http://www.evangenitals.com
On Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/evangenitals
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5456766961
In Your Heart: Always


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