We Shall Do BATTLE! (god help us…)

On Sunday November 9th The Evangenitals will bravely go where no art-country freak-folk hillbilly love-punk tender-hearted rock revolution hath ever gone before…

The Guitar Center Battle of the Bands!
*shock* *awe* *gasp*

November 9th
Club 705
705 Pier Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Yes! We have accepted the challenge and we’re going to give it our best shot from the stage of Club 705 in Hermosa Beach!

Here’s where you come in: 1/4 of what we’re judged on in this competition is “Audience Enthusiasm“, so we need to fill the dang joint with Evangenitals fans for some epic sing-a-longs, dancing of jigs, and general love-making. WILL YOU JOIN US???

Tickets are $15 at the door, but only $10 if you pre-buy them from us. You can do this in person, or online.

To purchase ONLINE:
Simply PAYPAL $10 to: info@evangenitals.com.

You can even use the nifty “BUY NOW” button on the show date at the Evangenitals website, here:

Be sure to put down the full name you would like the tickets held under, and they will be waiting for you at the door of Club 705! Magic!

To purchase in PERSON: grab one of us in the streets and/or at an UPCOMING SHOW and yell “GIMME!” in our eyeball while wildly shaking a $10 bill (or 2 5’s, 10 1’s, or a 5 and 5 ones, or a LOT of change)

If you are far away and want to help out, you can PAYPAL money to info@evangenitals.com ANYTIME YOU LIKE! We shall accept any cyber-tips, early Christmas presents, and weekly allowances with utter gratitude and glee! 🙂

Here’s the straight dope:

The Evangenitals in:
Guitar Centers Rock N Roll Superstars Muzic Industry Showcase
Club 705
705 Pier Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Tickets: $10 presale/$15 at the door
We play at 9:30pm

Juli, Lisa, David, Henry, Keith, and Andrea
The Evangenitals


Being There Without Being There

I just found these videos of the Evangenitals at the Eagle Rock Music Festival on YouTube. The sound is pretty awful, however, if you play the album you can watch us prance about and get the feeling of a real, live Evangenitals show. 🙂

The Hole (from the album Everlovin)

Bad Town (listen a live version, here)

The Work Song (from the album We Are The Evangenitals)

F*ck ’em All (from the album Everlovin)

Sergio (from the album Everlovin)

The Eagle & The Evangenitals

As a light mist falls from the skies of Los Angeles, California, USA, the Evangenitals are preparing to go play a show at the Eagle Rock Music Festival. We’re the final act, after all the other stages close down. We get to end the whole affair, streaming love into the crowd, streaming live on KXLU. My great hope is that either the skies clear and stop tinkling on the people, and/or that a great number of folks decide to endure and stick it out till the end with us.

I’m sitting here putting the greatest thought, care, and pure love I can into the selection of which 7 to 8 songs we’re going to unleash into the ether this evening during our tight 35 minute set. Everything, of course, is subject to change as soon as we feel the ACTUAL energy of the crowd and see what kind of a magic carpet ride they are wanting to go on with us.

Here is my good-weather conjuring stick figure drawing of the day:

What We Do Not See If We Do Not See

Whilst reading Agnes Martin last night I realized that the concept of “perfection” (which only exists in the mind, and not in nature) may very well be a form of (in)sanity. A collective mental illness.

The excerpt that trigger the realization went something like this:

The Greeks made a great discovery. They discovered that in Nature there are no perfect circles or straight lines or equal spaces. Yet they discovered that their interest and inclination was in the perfection of circles and lines, and that in their minds they could see them and that they were then able to make them. They realized that the mind knows what the eye has not seen but that what the mind knows is perfection.

(From Agnes Martin, Writings. Essay: “What We Do Not See If We Do Not See“)


I see this:

I read this:

I love this: