about a bout of drought

Yes, yes, yes… this is one of those stream-of-consciousness blogs whose sole intent is to break the non-blogging dry spell and let you know, dear blog reader, that you are, as always, in my heart and on my mind, and I in no way am intending to hold you without (out side of) my most innermost experience and day to day being/becomingness.

The fact of the matter is, everything I’ve been doing I’ve been doing, more or less, for you. For the betterment of our communication, getting myself one step closer to self-realization so that I can move into the grander more impressive production number known as “self-exposure”… however, I certainly want the self exposed to be my most GENUINE and EVOLVED self possible (at that very moment) and therefore I have to retired to my inner workshop, from time to time, to the “smithy of my very soul” as James Joyce, I think it was, once said, to batter myself with the hot pokers and anvils and hammers of my psyche and whip myself into shape so that I may meet you in the best possible way… 100% Juli Crockett.

Yes, I have been cleaning house… literally. Taking out trash, cleaning out the fridge, organizing drawers and cupboards, cleaning dishes, rearranging furniture, alphabetizing books in the bookshelf, GETTING MY OWN HOUSE IN ORDER so that THE ANSWERS MAY COME.

Answers to what? Well….. THAT, my friends, is still to come. More will be revealed, and it will be revealed tomorrow. I guarantee it.


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