Amor… amor…. amor…

I can’t stop listening to Eydie Gorme and Los Panchos. All weekend I’ve been obsessed with this album. I want the Evangenitals to cover every single song on it. There’s something about the Spanish language that is in my friggin’ SOUL… even if it ain’t in my blood (as far as I know)…

It is just plain depressing to me that I’ve forgotten so much of the Spanish that I learned when I was living in Guatemala. I spent 3 months in Quetzaltenango taking intensive spanish lessons, living with a Guatemalan family, and spending lots of time in “el mero mero” of the Guatemalan cultural hot spots (such as bars, strip joints, and las casas de mujeres). I drank sour orange juice from little plastic bags sold on the streets and ate more garlic knots from la panderia than any sane gringo should. It was delightful. I loved that town. By the time I left I was practically fluent, writing songs and dreaming in espanol. QUE PASO???

I got back to the states and got shy. Stopped talking. Stopped practicing. Started forgetting. Depressing.

There is still quite a lot of it en mi mente, though, and I’ve been starting to speak it more and more. I’ve been listening to 105.5 again. Singing along to the classics. Obsessing on Eydie Gorme. Reading Pablo Neruda on the Spanish side of the page. There is a storm brewing. I’m feeling some bilingual Evangenitals on the horizon. Breaking into the Bolero market. Watch out world. Mirame, mundo!!!



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