An Evangenital in Spaceland

*** THIS JUST IN ***

Evangenitals drummer David Hurlin is going to be drumming with EZRA REICH ( TONIGHT (Tuesday Dec 2nd) at 11pm.

Since I can’t be there (I’m in San Diego recording Johnny Cash/June Carter tunes with Cash’d Out) I’m hoping YOU can go and see this rare spectacle. 🙂

Ezra Reich’s music is (in my opinion) like John Maus arm-wrestling David Lynch in a Technicolor water ballet. Yes, you can quote me on that.

Regardless of how you felt about the 80’s, you will be sure to appreciate how friggin’ TIGHT this act is. I’m talking ORCHESTRATED. With STRINGS, man.

So go do it, dig it, and support our dear David Hurlin on his fantastic voyage. 🙂

Much love,
Juli Crockett & the Evangenitals


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