Strange Fruit

This is an odd time for me. One of those periods where so much is going on, yet it feels like Nothing is happening. (Nothing IS happening!!)

I’m on the road back to LA from a weekend playing with Cash’d Out in Vegas. The opera I’m directing goes into Tech Rehearsals this week up at CalArts and its super-long days and nights of rehearsal until that’s over.

Immediately after the opera closes, I hit the road to San Fran, Portland, and Seattle with Cash’d Out.

I’ve had a stinky cold and cough for weeks, and sang a bunch of shows (and recorded a tune with the Evangenitals!) in this sad state.

I’m so friggin’ excited about all the new music the Evangenitals have been recording, our new website that’s in the works, and the prospect of some bigger and better gigs. Although the transition time is KILLING ME!!! I’m a real momentum addict, and its hard for me to stay focused during all this “behind the scenes” work and not get freaked out by our empty calendar. I love to PLAY, and if I could I’d wanna do it every day. We’re trying to actually execute some semblance of a STRATEGY, though, and that requires some patience… A virtue which I paradoxically seem to have a ton of and none at all, simultaneously.

My mom recently came out for a visit, and that was awesome. I’ve been watching episodes of Deadwood, which I friggin’ LOVE, I’m re-reading Unamuno’s Sepulchre of Don Quixote and considering writing my first Philosophical Essay for publication on “blinking”… Which is exciting. I’m going back to Improv classes when the opera is over to finish the program at iO WEST. I’m missing New York and loving LA. I’m nostalgic for the future. I’m impregnating my own brain and about to bloom. Strange fruit coming into season.

I love you. 🙂

– Juli

Quiet before the Storm

There’s been a hell of a lot going on in my world lately. But somehow it doesn’t really FEEL like it. I’ve discovered a strange equation… if the Evangenitals aren’t doing a lot of shows, then I don’t feel like anything is HAPPENING. 🙂

The FACTS are quite contrary. In many ways, I’ve never been busier. I’m directing an opera, performing in Cash’d Out, in rehearsal or recording or band practice or traveling every single day of the week. But it’s not all the Evangenitals, so much of it doesn’t seem real. Weird, huh?

The Evangenitals have just recorded our best music thus far, and it’s being mixed and mastered as we speak. We’re stepping into the studio once again on Sunday for ONE MORE SONG that’s going to be used in a video for The 1 Second Film that’s going to make even the hardest hearts feel all squishy inside. We’re working on a new website that is looking GOOD and a new logo that makes me feel truly understood as a human and an artist. It’s freaking great!

Alas, much of that work is all BEHIND THE SCENES, though, and I’m dying to get it all our THERE into the WORLD to SHARE it with all of YOU!!!!



It’s like Guns and Roses said…. just a little patience. 🙂

– Juli