Today was a VERY good day!

After launching late last night, we got *5* backers in the first 24 hours of the “Send Quixote & the Evangenitals to Scotland” Kickstarter campaign totaling $225! On day ONE! Many, many thank you’s go out to the 5 brave souls who were the first to donate and get us 2% closer to our goal!

If we can keep that up every day till our deadline, we’ll hit our goal of $9,999!

Please help spread the word and help us by using the “share” options on our Kickstarter profile page, telling your friends, posting our links and widgets, and generally spreading the news in any way you can!

Oh, and don’t forget to DONATE! Every $1 helps!

Click here to see our infomercial:

In addition to all THAT action, I picked up the our new Evangenitals bass player who will be filling in for our dearly beloved Keith Lubow who is going to be pursuing other creative goals at this time. Glory be! We the Evangenitals always support the following of one’s heart and passions! ONWARD!

His name is Matt Ticciati, and he’s a former band mate of our drummer, David Hurlin, ALSO of Iowa.

They were in a wild funk band called “Spermwhale” ( back on that side of nation, and as fate would have it, 3 of 4 members of Spermwhale now reside in the greater LA area! Do you smell a reunion in the air???

Matt has heard the call of adventure and left his native Iowa to come and try his luck with the Evangenitals!

Lisa Dee came over and we made some boss vegan stir-fry. After dinner, we played Evangenitals songs into the wee hours of the night. It was a great 1st rehearsal. 🙂

Tomorrow night he meets the FULL band down at Bedrock Studios and Echo Park, and FRIDAY night he meets the PUBLIC!

We’re playing a 2 hour in-store at Rhino Records in Claremont on Friday from 8-10pm, and Saturday we’re playing the Rose City Rocks Music Festival in Pasadena (Old Town Pub stage) at 4pm. It’s a whirlwind, and he’s getting jumped in.

From the way things went tonight, I’d say he’s gonna be A-OK! 😉


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