Going to Edinburgh Fringe Fest and I need your help!

The Evangenitals & cast of Juli Crockett’s “The Dawn of Quixote: Chapter the First” have been invited into the OFFICIAL program of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival… but we need YOUR HELP to get there!


In order to facilitate donations through a trusted source, we’ve started a fundraising drive on Kickstarter.com (powered by Amazon) — the catch is, if we don’t hit our fundraising goal of $9,999 by the deadine (July 14th) we don’t get ANY of the pledged money!

That’s right, all you have to do is PLEDGE money right now… so if you’re brok at the moment, NO WORRIES… you won’t be charged until we hit our goal on July 14th. 🙂

Please visit our profile over on Kickstarter.com, check out our video infomercial, learn more about the project, and consider making a donation to the quixotic cause!


ANY AMOUNT that you can give, from $1 to $9,999 would be enormously helpful!


Much love,
Crockett, Quixote & the Evangenitals


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