Been a long time been a long time been a long…

Amanda Palmer is an inspiring woman. I like her style. Thank you, Mayson, for turning me on to her dope article about how she made $19,000 in 10 hours on Twitter. To anyone who still bags on Twitter for being useless, read this:

This has been an exhausting week, and awesome. Had two really good fundraisers for our Edinburgh trip (House Party & Yard Sale) and the Kickstarter action is starting to pick up. We’re coming up on 2 weeks left till our deadline, and we’re a little over 25% of the way to the goal.

SO MANY PEOPLE keep telling us that they are planning on donating… and we are now telling people that NOW IS THE TIME! It’s is a lot of money we’re asking for… but there are a lot of people on this planet of ours, and if a bunch of ’em gave us just a few bucks each, we’d be golden!

So, if you’re one of the ones who are waiting, the time is NOW:

Seriously. RIGHT NOW!

We’re whipping the show into shape for our big Castle Green fundraiser. My MOM is coming to town to help out. We’re trying to figure out all this crazy new stuff like how to rent amps and upright basses for our shows in the UK. We’ve got gigs booked in London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh for the band… it’s unbelievable. Such an exciting time. It’s hard for me to really wrap my mind around the fact that it’s all HAPPENING. And it’s all happening NOW.

In the midst of it all, I got a ton of shows with Cash’d Out before we leave. Busy, overstuff, jalapeno popper good times.

Matt Ticciati (new bass player) from Fairfield, Iowa has proven to be a HUGE blessing… he’s been instrumental (no pun intended) in helping compose the original score for the Dawn of Quixote.

I’m doing a radio interview early Tuesday morning on “the voice of Fairfield and beyond” KRUU 100.1 FM for the Lyrical Venus show ( The host, Heather, is a friend of both Ticciati and Evangenitals drummer David Hurlin, who also hails from that zany TM town. Should be a good’un, and she’s gonna sneak preview some new Evangenitals tracks on the radio. Woot woot!

If you want to listen in, you can do so at:

love love love this life


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