Some thoughts on Equality.

— At the solemn behest of the beautiful and talented Miss Lisa Dee, I’m also posting this ‘ol gem 😉 —


The “equal” sign can be understood as a threshold in which one side of an equation is transformed into the other.

Simultaneity. The thing represented on one side is in fact the very same thing represented on the other. Einstein represented this quite simply in his most elegant and famous equation: e=mc2. What this equation indicates is that energy is in fact the very same thing as mass traveling at celestia (the speed of light) squared.

In language, the sign “equal” can be substituted with the word “is” (i.e. 2+2 “is” 4). This equation indicates that there is no difference between “4” and “2+2″…. they are the same. 4 is simultaneously both the number 4 as well as 2 and 2, as well as 3 and 1. (Note that as the “equal” can be stated as “is” the “plus” can be stated as “and”)

Another example: pick any bit of commonly accepted truth, such as “There are seven days in a week.” 7 Days = 1 Week. 1 Week is 7 days. There is no difference between 1 Week and 7 Days. 60 seconds and 1 minute. 60 minutes and 1 hour.

Man and Woman. Equal? Let us make an equation… Man = Woman. Man is Woman. Is there no difference?

Where is this going? What is the point?

I was having a conversation with a Mr. X about equal relationships. Mr. X has always tried to maintain “equal relationships” with his romantic partners. This proved to be not simply ineffective and idealistic, but also, surprisingly, not honest.

The source of the inequality is traceable to the fact that Mr. X is an intelligent and sexually well-endowed and well-adjusted man. Mr. X’s girlfriends tend to be stupid whores. This is to be understood: Mr. X’s girlfriends tend to be stupid and Mr. X’s girlfriends tend to be whores.

Please, for the sake of scientific objectivity, let us view this as a simple fact and not impose a judgment. Mr. X’s last girlfriend, god love her, was a wonderful, beautiful, gifted, and amazingly stupid whore.

Here’s where it all went wrong. Mr.X tried to treat her as an equal, intelligent, respectable woman. Whereas, the relationship would have been much more honest and fulfilling had he simply accepted her as she was, recognized that she was a stupid whore, and treated her accordingly. She may have been momentarily shocked at being discovered and recognized for the stupid whore she was, however, if Mr. X was to, for example, grab her by the hair and say: “You are a stupid whore. I love you, you stupid whore. Now I’m going to treat you like the stupid whore you are!” things may have gone swell. She, the amazingly stupid blessed whore, could have gotten everything she wanted had only they both been willing and able to be honest. They could have gotten married and had kids and lived in the bliss of truth and unconditional love.

Mr. X really did love that stupid whore.

There is a lesson to be gleaned from this parable of love. Something to do with “is”, “and”, and the stupid whore which resides in each of us… may she be loved, honored, accepted, and dealt with accordingly.


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