Houseparty Hootenanny Potluck – Thurs Oct 1st

You may have heard we recently made a new EP! WE DID!

You may have heard we recently took a PLAY and the BAND to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland! Well, WE DID!

You may have NOT heard the Evangenitals play live in the US recently! That’s because WE HAVEN’T!!!

So on THURSDAY OCTOBER 1st we’re having a HOOTENANNY POTLUCK to celebrate!

We’ll fill your ear holes with music & stories and your eyeballs with smiles & slide shows from our UK travels! You can pick up the new EP and get filled up with Evangenital joy. Good deal, eh?

Bring a dish, we’ll bring the cheap wine & beer for a donation bar (tohelp us recoup some more travel expenses!), and together we can get reacquainted under the stars.

On the musical platter… we will put an end to our long separation from are darling accordion player Ari DeSano by enjoying the incredible tunes of ODIOUS ARI & THE SYPHILITIC SYCOPHANTS from 8-9pm.

Then the Evangenitals shall croon from 9-10pm!! At last, at last!

It’s all going down at our Sancho’s… I mean…. actor Chris Goodson’s awesome home (with terraced backyard and outdoor stage!) located at:

611 Isabel Street
Los Angeles, CA 90065

7:30pm – 10:30pm

Bring a dish, or just bring your sweet self!!!

RSVP’s are welcome but not required. Just come, come, COME N’ GET IT!!!

See you there!

Juli, the Evangenitals, and the Quixote crew

*** Too far away to make it to the party?
You can check out the new album on here:
And don’t be shy… write me a note and you can be my bona fide pen pal!


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