For the Love of the Damon

I know this video is uber-old news, but who cares! I was telling someone about it today and they HADN’T seen it, and the memory of it so delighted me that I had to look it up and watch it again. Then I figured I’d share it with YOU, too. It’s Sarah Silverman‘s “I’m F@cking Matt Damon” song. And it’s funny.

Now, I’ve never been particularly responsive to Sarah Silverman’s comedy, which I know is blasphemy to some folks. Oh well. This video, however, is really funny to me, mostly because of how hysterically awesome Matt Damon is in it. That guy has made some interesting career moves and come out as a friggin’ superstar. He kicked some major acting ass in The Departed and The Bourne Trilogy is just friggin’ awesome. That’s right. I love ’em all. Can’t wait for the “Untitled Jason Bourne Project” to come out in 2010. That’s almost as exiting as the coming of 2012!

The conversation that reminded me of the Sarah Silverman/Matt Damon video was regarding Alanis Morissette’s version of the “My Humps” song (which, incidentally, I finally heard the original version of recently, whilst driving in my car, and was utter horrified at how completely base and idiotic it was. Amazingly Fergie’s “London Bridge” was a MASSIVE development in poetics and content from this banal piece of mediocre asininity.) In the end, the Alanis video was determined to be “not that funny” by those conversing on the topic, as it didn’t really “go” anywhere after the initial “joke” was revealed. As a wise man once said, it “missed the rising action.” 🙂